The Blue Planet / Den Blå Planet part 1

This is part 1 of 2 articles about “Den Blå Planet” (The Blue Planet).
Denmark’s new Aquarium. Part 2 is coming shortly.

The Blue Planet / Den Blå Planet, New Architecture in Denmark

I do like architecture. It is a one of my big interests. Whether it’s a beautiful building,
a lovely piece of furniture or interiors, I very much enjoy looking at details and materials.

Today a new building, placed in Copenhagen the capital of Denmark, has it’s grand opening. “Den Blå Planet” – in English: “The Blue Planet” is Denmark’s New Aquarium.
The largest of its kind in the North of Europe. Built by the Danish Architects: 3xN,
it is a beautiful building to look at.

I went there recently to view and photograph this new piece of architecture from the outside (only) and since it opens today I find it is a perfect time to share these pictures
with you.
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Free Sun Rays

Enough already!

Alright, I hear you, I hear you. You are tired of Winter. You want Spring?! Now!
- No more snow, no more slippery roads, no more wollen hats, no more gigantic jumpers.
No more cloves, no more coats, no more…. well I hear you.

As I am not (surprise) Mother Nature I really cannot do an awful lot about the weather as such. BUT, what I can do hopefully is make you smile, which hopefully will help you to stay warm a little while longer. Just enough to keep you going until Spring is here for real. :-)

Free Sun! Catch the Sun Rays Here

Catch A Ray by Winnie Krogh Reiff


I have got the solution for you right here, my friend. Here is sun rays enough for all
those of you longing to feel it’s warmth embrace.
So there you have it. Grab a bunch for yourself and feel the joy spreading.

And, please share the love of this sun with all your friends in need of it too. We can all need to catch some rays in between – especially after a long winter. ;-)


All the best,


Hopestagram challenge on Instagram

From time to time, I like to join some of the different challenges happening on Instagram.
Although it’s mostly for the fun of it, I find that I am developing my creative thinking this way too – not to mention my editing skills. I really enjoy looking at the different pictures coming in. It’s very inspirational to me.

This picture I created yesterday for the Hopestagram challenge.
What do you think about it?

All the best,


HOPE by Winnie Krogh Reiff

Let’s talk about money


Let’s talk about money

I recently wrote an article talking about the cost of a logo. You can read the article here.
It made me realize, that I quite like to discuss another ongoing theme, which I have encountered during many years in this business. The money talk!

When talking about money, and in my case the pricing of my design, it tends to be making people/clients a little nervous. You know what?… It does not need to be like that. Here is what I suggest.

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J Fletcher Design

J Fletcher Design

Being a big fan of good ideas, cool details and lush print, I am thrilled to show J Fletcher’s work here on my blog. Not only does his portfolio keep some really great examples of those things, he is also a fantastic illustrator.
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How much is a logo?

How much is a logo?

Right, I have been asked this question many times in a rather casual way like: “Oh, by the way, how much is a logo?”..

Of course, it is a simple and valid question. I mean after all everything does have a price… But the answer is not as simple.

Personally I always “answer” by asking a question: “It depends on what you are looking for?”. Continue reading

Pearlfisher Design

Pearlfisher Design – Branding and Packaging

Pearlfisher is an independent design agency created in 1992 by the 3 partners
Karen Welman, Jonathan Ford and Mike Branson. Situated in two cities: London and
New York, Pearlfisher produce award winning design again and again and have done
it for 2 decades. The agency have worked on many well-known brands.

I was a junior designer at the London studio for a period of time.
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Stationery with a beautiful touch

Logo and stationery are important parts of the business!

Yes, I know, you’ve already heard this a ton of times. As a professional you know that you need to have a logo. You also need to have a letterhead, a business card, a website, a brochure etc. etc… It’s old news!

As a freelancer, I am also aware that you probably think it costs way too much.
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A Sumptuous Buffet served by ScoopGraphics

Hi there and welcome to Scoop Graphics blog.

First of all, thanks for dropping by! I really appreciate it!

What will happen in this blog?
In this blog I will be serving you a delicious buffet of graphic design + excellent, creative and sometimes fun ideas – for you to indulge in! No need to count the calories or to think about the carbs. I will cook you a meal of great branding and beautiful graphics, exciting printing methods and fine details. In short and sweet – visual material that makes my mouth go all watery.
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